Thoughts on Joining an Open Source Project

Since starting my career as a software developer back in 2002, I’ve wanted to join an open source project. A few things have held me back from doing this… including inexperience in my early career, lack of available time to commit properly to a project, and the inherent difficulty in finding that one project amongst the thousands out there that I feel strongly about. Over the last few weeks I’ve been looking into this again and have now decided to join OpenMRS. The experience of choosing a project and getting stuck in has prompted me to write about why I did it and hopefully spark some new ideas for other developers wanting to get involved in open source projects.

Why join an open source project?
Everyone has the capacity to get involved in something and help out, and software developers are no exception. I’ve always been involved in building software for business use, which has a lot of challenges and rewards – but it doesn’t really improve anyone’s life in any significant way. My reason for joining an open source project is to contribute to something that really matters… something that might genuinely improve the lives of other people. For this reason, I’ve focused on finding a project that has this as one of its core objectives.

Why OpenMRS?
The answer to this question is pretty simple… I have fairly limited “free” time as it is, so I wanted to make sure I join a project that I believe in. OpenMRS is clearly focused on providing software that can improve the lives of millions of people – particularly in the developing world – so this immediately caught my attention. My original career plan was to study medicine and become a surgeon, but after finishing school I made the decision to study software engineering instead. I don’t regret that decision, but I’ve never lost my interest in medicine, and joining the OpenMRS project gives me the opportunity to work in both.

What’s next?
When joining any new project there is always a lot to learn. Others may have been involved for years, but you have to learn the ropes before you can be of any use to the existing team. So my focus for the next few weeks will be to learn about OpenMRS from every conceivable perspective. What problem is the system trying to solve? How does it work for the user? How has it been designed? How is the data model structured? However, the biggest challenge will be gaining enough understanding of the medical domain for the system to make sense. Very fortunately, the technical foundation is quite familiar territory – so the biggest obstacle is domain knowledge.

I’ll follow up in the coming weeks with some details on how to contribute to an open source project – entirely based on my experience, rather than a definitive list of “do’s and don’ts”. Until then, I’ll be buried in documentation!

One Comment on “Thoughts on Joining an Open Source Project”

  1. satya says:

    Nice post. I myself am looking for the right opportunity/project to contribute to. Hope to make the decision soon. Looking forward to your future posts on this..

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